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Pollywog - Sea Breeze

Pollywog - Sea Breeze

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Introducing "Pollywog" Soap, a tribute to the adventurous spirit of sailors and the journey of those who have yet to cross the equator on a ship. Infused with a captivating blend of cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils, this soap captures the essence of the sea and the invigorating breeze that accompanies life on the water.

Crafted with care, "Pollywog" Soap combines the aromatic notes of cedarwood and lemongrass with the herbal undertones of rosemary and the refreshing touch of eucalyptus. Each lather transports you to the open ocean, awakening your senses and inspiring a sense of adventure. Enriched with the nourishing properties of fresh goat milk, this soap not only cleanses but also moisturizes and replenishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and deeply hydrated.

Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a landlubber dreaming of the sea, "Pollywog" Soap offers a moment of escape and a reminder of the vastness and beauty of the maritime world. So dive into the adventure and embrace the journey with "Pollywog" Soap by your side. Let the fresh sea breeze scent uplift your spirits and propel you forward on your own voyage of discovery. With every wash, you'll be one step closer to crossing the equator and joining the ranks of seasoned sailors, but until then, savor the journey and enjoy the scent of the sea with "Pollywog" Soap.

Ingredients: Goat milk, saponified oils (coconut oil, olive oil, lard, beeswax), honey, essential oils (cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus), chlorella, sea salt

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